Buku Metode Latihan dan Reportoar Solo Untuk Timpani

Buku Timpani

Goodman - Modern Method for Timpani

Carroll-Exercises, Etudes and Solos for the Timpani

Hochrainer-Etuden for Timpani (Vol. 1)

Peters-Fundamental Method for Timpani

Friese-Timpani Method (Friese/Lepak)

Beck-Concepts for Timpani

Tafoya-Working Timpanist's Survival Guide

Hinger-Technique for the Virtuoso Timpanist

Woud-Symphonic Studies for Timpani

Gay-Pedal to the Kettle

Whaley-Musical Studies for the Intermediate Timpanist

Lepak-32 Solos for Timpani

Horner-Tuneful Timpanist

Peyton-Musical Timpanist, The

Firth-Solo Timpanist

Max-Orchestral Excerpts for Timpani (CD)

Arand Weitzl – Timpani Kata

Timp-Tastic – Lalo Davila (CD)


Reportoar Solo Timpani (I = Intermediate; A = Advanced)

Elliott Carter: Eight Pieces for Four Timpani - A

Graham Whettam: Suite for Timpani - A

Beck-Sonata for Timpani-4T - I

Willmarth-Bushido: The Way of the Warrior-T - A

Bergamo-Four Pieces for Timpani-4T - A

Cahn-Six Concert Pieces for Solo Timpani-3-6T – I to A

Cahn – Raga Number 1 - I

Goodman-Ballad for the Dance-4T - I

Zivkovic-Cadenza-5T - A

Kraft-Variations for King George-4T - I

Muczynski-Three Designs for Three Timpani-3T - A

Cohen-Orange Alert-5T - A

Deane-Prelude I for Four Timpani-4T - A

Williams-Variations for Solo Kettledrums-4T - A

Leonard-Canticle-4T - A

Peters-Air and Dance-4T - I

Skidmore-An Argument or a Question?-5T – A

Peters-Tribal Serenade-4T - I

Ukena-No. II Funk-4T - I

Beck-Modulations-4T - I

Williams-Four Grotesques for Timpani-4T - A

Beall-Seven to Queens-4T - A

El Dabh-In Search of Three Goddesses-4T - A

Ichiyanagi-Rhythm Gradation-4T - A

Walker-Tragedy of a Young Soldier-5T/gong - A

Orfaly-Five Intermediate Pieces-4T - I

Chavez-Partita-6T - A

Beck-Alpine Slide-3T - I

Willmarth-Capture of the U-505-4T - A

Peyton-The Final Precipice (for timpani and tape)-SP/CD enclosed - A

Ridley-Animism (ST)(T)-4T-Tape OS - A

Psathas-Planet Damnation-5T/CD - A

Piche-Steal the Thunder (score w/CD)-4-5T/P/CD – A

Rosauro-Concerto for Timpani and Orchestra (Piano Reduction) - 4T/PN SP - A

Mancini-Suite for Timpani-4T – A


Lagu Interval Tunes Pada Timpani

Minor Second – Jaws; She Will Be Loved (Maroon 5)

Major Second  - Silent Night; Friday (Rebecca Black)

Minor Third – So Long, Farewell (Sound of Music); Lullaby (Brahms); Whistle Signal (Hunger Games); Hey Jude; Smoke on the Water; Greensleeves

Major Third – Kumbaya; Some Nights (Fun); Today Was A Fairytale (Taylor Swift); Marine Hymn; Good Night Ladies

Perfect Fourth – Here Comes the Bride; Amazing Grace; My Girl

Tritone – Maria (West Side Story); The Simpsons; YYZ

Perfect Fifth – Star Wars; Twinkle Twinkle; Blackbird (Beatles); Flintstones

Minor Sixth – Johanna (Sweeney Todd); Love Story Theme

Major Sixth – NBC; Man in the Mirror (Michael Jackson); My Bonnie Lives Over the Ocean; Music of the Night (Phantom of the Opera); It Came Upon a Midnight Clear; My Way (And NOW part)

Minor Seventh – Somewhere (West Side Story); Original Star Trek Theme; Have You Driven a Ford

Major Seventh – Superman Theme; Take on Me (AHA)

Perfect Octave – Somewhere Over the Rainbow; The Christmas Song (Chestnuts Roasting)

Sumber: The Second Conductor: A Clicic on Improving Timpani Perfomence;Tracy Wiggins;Director of Percussion Studies,University of North Alabama.(Midwest Band and Orchestra Clinic 2014)

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